Persistence and the Writer (by Sherie Venner)

If you have been a writer for any length of time, you know that one of the key factors you need to foster in your mind is that of being persistent. What does that mean, really? When you are doggedly determined, holding fast to a dream or an ideal, and are prepared to give it all you’ve got, no matter what, then you have a persistent mindset. When you refuse to give up in the face of the obstacles that life has thrown in front of you, then you are being persistent.

This quote says it very well. “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley

  • Persistence is when you get up at 5 in the morning to write before you have to go to a “job.”
  • Persistence is staying up late and sacrificing the sleep you need in order to complete a deadline.
  • Persistence is writing when you would rather be watching television or listening to music.
  • Persistence is working two jobs in order to pursue the dream you have.

Persistence is keeping going…just like a favorite character of mine. Did you ever see the cartoon about the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote? Talk about persistence; he didn’t even have the phrase “give up” in his vocabulary, I am sure of that!

As an aside, even though Wile E. Coyote was persistent, I am not suggesting that you put your head down and forget about self care. No. In order to be persistent long term, you must build in self care, if only for the selfish reason that you can keep going longer. : D

Are you lacking persistence?

If any of these ring true to you, persistence might be a problem in your life.

  • The projects you say are important are left incomplete.
  • Goals, even the small goals, seem insurmountable.
  • Debt is a constant companion and your financial papers are heaped on your desk in disarray or are stored in a shoebox.
  • The picture you have in your imagination of your dream life does not match the reality of your life.

If you have had the SAME goals for years and you haven’t achieved them, then something is out of kilter. Goals and dreams do take time to accomplish and yet, if you haven’t, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Is this dream my dream? Is it for me, decided by me or is it someone else’s dream?
  • If it is my dream and I haven’t achieved it, then why not?

If you have a well-formed goal that is a goal you really desire, that is realistic and is something you are in charge of achieving and there is a realistic time frame…and you haven’t achieved it, you might have a problem with procrastination.

Procrastination has its roots in fear, that primal feeling that is based on the “fight” or “flight” system that is inside our brain. Our nervous systems react to stimuli in three ways: we can flee, we can fight, or we can freeze. The 3 F’s determine what our behavior is in a high stress situation.

Today, the most common response that people have, in my opinion, is to FREEZE. Procrastination is a stuck state that keeps people in a rut, unable to navigate the twists and turns of life. It is difficult to move forward.

Negativity and limiting beliefs are key factors in lack of persistence and the development of procrastination. When a person has a limiting belief about what they can accomplish, negativity sets in and the inner critic is given free rein to be critical and set up emotional barriers. Thinking narrows, and it is difficult to see the big picture of a dream. Negativity is a huge barrier to being persistent because negative self talk sabotages. It is a case of three steps forward, two steps back.

Having a dream

I have a dear friend who has a dream…it is a lovely dream…and it is all hers…and because she has a clear picture in her mind of how that dream looks and feels and sounds, she will achieve that dream…and it is realistic…

When you have a dream, you can visualize what your life would look like if you accomplish that dream. Make the picture that you have in your mind bigger, brighter, fill in all of the details…any of the sounds you would have, any of the feelings that you would have if that dream did come true.

Allow your dream to happen.

Allow your goals to be achieved.

Allow yourself to be more successful than you can ever imagine.

Allow yourself to be brilliant.

Allow yourself to be persistent.

Be open to receiving all of your good

…because you are good enough and you do deserve to succeed, don’t you?

Sherie Venner is a relationship and breakthrough coach at She believes that “You deserve to drive your own life…don’t you?” Sherie uses NLP and other techniques to break the beliefs that keep people stuck. Sherie helps people to realize their own power to create the life they want.


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