quoteThere is no great writing, only great rewriting.close_quote

- Louis D. Brandeis


Good writing is more than spelling and grammar. It is considering your audience, hooking the reader, writing tightly and actively, being specific, and placing content in the correct place. Hired writers and editors work for you. They help you to convey your message in the best way possible.

Editing by a qualified editor helps to remove ambiguities caused by improper comma placement (or missing commas), subject-verb agreement, word order, and more.

Why edit?

Well written and edited material speaks of care and attention to detail. The whole document is your signature.

See Five Good Reasons to Hire an Editor on the Editors' Association of Canada website.

Can you spot the errors?

"Whose reading your written material. You're message is more than the sum of it's parts".

There are six errors, but your word processor might spot only two of them.

Curious about the answers? Ask Eva here

Editing is an art, not a program. Although spelling and grammar checkers help, they are a good start rather than a good finish. In the end, the human mind still has to interpret the recommendations.

Your brain auto-corrects

It's hard to raed and edit yuor own work - becuase your brian is so amzing it cna raed this.

Result: Sometimes it's hard to edit your own work. An editor is trained to see the errors we miss.

If you don't correct your writing, people may doubt your abilities in other areas. Errors include spelling or typos, improper sentence structure, homonym errors, plural/possession errors, punctuation and quotation errors, syntax and flow problems, wordiness, repetition or redundancy, subject and verb agreement errors, and more.

Editing material saves you time and money, and helps you promote a professional image.